Terms & conditions

General terms and conditions


Terms and conditions:

These General Terms and Conditions (the „Terms“) govern the rights and obligations of the parties arising in connection with the use of an online store to www.panmed.sk

GTC are an integral part of the purchase contracts concluded between the company 7R Panmed Ltd. as seller and buyer customers like you with the customer and the company 7R Panmed Ltd. concluded the sale of goods through an online store 7 R Panmed Ltd. the Internet adredse www.panmed.sk purchase contract is concluded in the Slovak language.


The seller and provider of Internet e-commerce on the Internet at www.panmed.sk is a company 7R Panmed Ltd. (The „seller“).

Panmed.SK Ltd. Social 9, 82104 Bratislava ID: 44025441, TIN: 2022957266

Entry in the Commercial Register: The company is registered in the Commercial Register of District Court in Bratislava I, File No. 1059 / B

Contact information:

Mailing address for service Social 9, 821 04 Bratislava

E-mail: INFO@panmed.sk.

Phone: +421 2 43413440

The customer

Customer’s user E- shop www.panmed.sk who is a consumer or an entrepreneur. The consumer is a natural person who, when concluding a purchase contract does not act within his trade or business or in a separate exercise of their profession (the „consumer“).

Order and purchase contract

All Obědnávka made through Internet e-commerce www.panmed.sk binding. By placing an order the customer confirms that he is familiar with these terms and conditions, as well as the claim regulations and rules of the incentive program, and agrees with them.

If the customer is a consumer, a contract is concluded by sending orders and customer adoption order by the seller. Adoption orders immediately confirm the seller to the buyer informative e-mail to customers to your e-mail address. Purchase contract (including the agreed price) can be changed or canceled only by agreement of the parties or legal reasons.

If the customer is an entrepreneur, it is sent to the order and the order is closed upon delivery of a binding acknowledgment (receipt) order from the vendor business customers.

The condition of the electronic order is to fill all the forms prescribed information and requirements.

If the customer is a consumer point of delivery address stated by the customer in the registration form or the order form.

Title to the goods passes to the customer acceptance of the goods and payment of the purchase price.

By completing the registration form or a binding order within the Internet e-commerce www.panmed.sk customer it gives the seller consent to the collection and archiving of personal data on customers and on its purchases pursuant to Article F – Protection of personal data.

Receiving and sending the order the customer is confirmed informative mail to the email address specified by the customer.

Prices, discounts and validity of the offer. The seller is bound by its offer for its publication on www.panmed.sk, if not directly in the menu stated otherwise. All prices are including VAT.

Cancel Order – the customer can cancel prostrenícvom e-mail or telephone, and 8 hours after sending the order. Conditions Canceling an order is stating the order number and contact information.

The seller may cancel your purchase within 24 hours of receipt of customer orders consumer / customer order confirmation entrepreneur, and if (in all the above cases, the seller will contact the customer with an alternative project of similar goods.)

ordering goods is not in stock.

the price of the goods ordered, which is not at the supplier’s stock is significantly increased by the manufacturer.

In all the above cases, the seller will contact the customer with an alternative project of similar goods. In the event of failure to deliver the goods to the customer, the seller customer of this fact immediately informed and if the customer agrees to the alternative fulfillment, within 15 days the customer returns it the price paid for the goods.

Costs for the use of means of communication at a distance (internet, telephone etc.) for carrying out the orders are ordinary in height and totally dependent on tariff telecommunications services used by customers.

Terms of Delivery

Product is delivered through the company Top Courier Ltd. The lower Wednesday 407, 925 63,

Shipping and handling on purchases is 3.50, – €. Cash on delivery is charged an amount of € 0.50.

Top kurier the customer contact on a mobile phone about the agreed date of delivery. After an unsuccessful delivery of the consignment is returned to the sender.

The ordered goods are sending service Top Kurier

Ordered goods are shipped usually within 2 working days of receipt of the order in case of payment on delivery and within 2 working days of receipt of payment in case pl